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Why Get Involved in Competitive Horse Sports?

Horse sports are a fun way to help build resilience and confidence. There will be ups and downs while learning to ride and work with your equine partner. One of my favorite horses stories goes something like this, when the king was asked why he makes the prince learn to ride, the king answered because the horse doesn’t care! It’s true, the horse only cares how you treat him and lucky for us horses are very forgiving of our mistakes. Learning to ride is a process of failures and triumphs. When you fail you learn how to keep going, fix your problems and earn your success.

Many opportunities to learn the fine art of leadership and teamwork. When your partner is a 1,000 pound animal who doesn’t speak your language, you quickly learn how to effectively communicate in order to achieve your goals. Learning to ride is a process with no quick fixes, it requires discipline, patience and focus.

Riding is a demanding physical activity, helps improve posture and build a strong core. Additionally there are the mental and emotional benefits of spending time in nature, bonding with your horse and learning to have empathy for all living creatures.

A much needed break from electronics! Preparing for competition is a great way to get either your kids or yourself off the internet and out into the real world. It feels great to have an activity where no cells phones are needed or allowed. I certainly notice how a little time at the barn improves attitudes at my house.

Learning to overcome your fears. Putting your self out there to be judged is difficult, no matter what your age. Everyone dreams that they will go out and win the blue ribbon, but it doesn’t always happen that way. Sometimes the biggest life lessons we learn are that it’s ok to get out there, try your best and fail to reach the mark. 

I hope you give serious consideration to joining our academy team!
Academy Team Attire

Attire: Jodhpurs, Paddock Boots, Shirt, Vest, Tie, Number Magnets, Tie Bar, Gloves, Crop

Recommended Vendors: 
Midwest Saddleseat Consignment: 612-598-2427
Commotion 859-552-5983

Hunt Seat
Attire: For Walk-Trot: Paddock Boots & Garters, Breeches, Hunt Shirt, Stock Pin, Vest, Gloves, Crop, Number Magnets
For Walk-Trot-Canter: Tall Boots, Breeches, Hunt Shirt, Stock Pin, Vest, Gloves, Crop, Number Magnets

Recommended Vendors: 
Midwest Saddleseat Consignment: 612-598-2427
Commotion 859-552-5983
Dover Saddlery:
Valencia Sport Saddlery, 11355-C Foothill Blvd., Lake View Terrace, CA 818-834-5500

Horsel Shows Attire
Saddleseat and Hunt Seat: all of the above, plus jackets

Western: Cowboy Hat or helmet is acceptable, chaps with matching riding pants, western show shirt/jacket, gloves, number magnets, show boots (paddock boots are acceptable), spurs (if necessary)

Recommended Vendors: 
Midwest Saddleseat Consignment: 612-598-2427
Commotion 859-552-5983
Facebook also has many groups that sell quality used attire for all seats.

Hair and Make Up
You will need a “Caboodle” to hold your bun making materials. Here is what each rider should have in their Caboodle:

Hair ties
Bobby Pins
Hair nets
Hair spray
Hair pins
Safety pins
Black electrical tape
Bun maker
Sewing kit
Academy Team Requirements:

Lessons: Because this is a competitive program, we expect each rider to take at least one lesson per week. In the two months prior to their competitions, students are required to take two or more lessons per week. The cost of two lessons per week is $440/month for rider 12 and older or $320 for kids 7-11.

Competitions: In order to make the most of Academy Team and to ensure that every rider has a chance to grow during the show season, we ask that riders compete in AT LEAST TWO competitions per season. 

Riders in 5th - 12th grade have to opportunity to represent their school and earn an athletic letter through the USEF by competing in the Saddleseat and Western School League. There are three shows from October - April that are held at the Los Angeles Equestrian Center in Burbank.

Deadlines: Please be sure to take note of the deadlines for each show, and make sure you have signed up prior to each deadline.

Show Fees: Fees for the shows will be billed out via email. Payment is expected before leaving for the show. Show fees do not cover your personal food, transportation, or hotel costs.

Equipment: Riders are asked to own their own stirrups and stirrup leathers. All show attire is to be purchased from a recommended vendor, and students should have their outfit purchased at least one month before their first show of the season.

Practice Rides: For multi day shows, students are expected to take part in a practice ride/lesson on the showgrounds the day prior to the show. Please be sure to plan accommodations accordingly if the showgrounds are not in the immediate area.

Volunteering: There are also volunteering opportunities during lesson hours. Students are encouraged to take part in the teaching process as a supplement to their lessons. This is not required, but it is encouraged.

Saddleseat and Western School League

For Students in Grades 5-12. The purpose of the SWSL is to provide an avenue for junior and senior high school students who are involved in Saddle Seat and Western riding programs, to compete in the sport as an interscholastic team activity for their school. Student riders can earn an athletic letter through the USEF in recognition for their participation in equestrian sports. The SWSL holds 3 shows per year from October through April at the LA Equestrian Center in Burbank. Visit the SWSL website to learn more about the league.

Horse Shows
Rushton Stables, LA participates in several horse shows each year from local 1 day shows to regional breed shows in San Diego and Santa Barbara. These shows offer riders a chance to show off their skills and have classes suitable for beginning riders through advanced riders. Showing a horse is a big step but it gives riders a fun goal to work towards in their riding lessons.

Join The Team
Be sure to let your instructor know if this is something you would like to work towards and we can meet to discuss details, show dates and answer any questions you have.