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Rushton Stables LA Lessons are for YOU!
We specialize in pleasure horses (no jumping) and believe that whether you want to ride down the trail or into the show ring your horse should be a pleasure to ride.

If you are just starting on your riding adventure we begin with exercises to develop your balance, teach basic commands (starting, stopping, steering) and how to sit a jog and post a trot. Once you have mastered the basics you will learn how to manage your horse’s speed and more sophisticated steering maneuvers including circles, figure 8s, and serpentines to help you control your horse in every situation. Your initial lessons are private and as your skills improve you will learn to ride in small groups.

 Learning to ride is a process that takes time and commitment to master and we believe in letting each rider progress at their own pace. The more time you spend in the saddle the more quickly you will improve. As Winston Churchill once said, “No hour that is spent in the saddle is wasted.”

Your safety is our priority:
We offer a variety of reliable and safe lesson horses appropriate for all skill levels so you can continue to ride more horses as your skills improve.

Required Attire:
Long pants, shoe or boot with a heel, and helmet required. We can provide you with a helmet if you do not have one. No shorts, Capri’s or sandals. 

Riding Academy Program Policies and Procedures 

● Scheduling 
○ Schooling sessions occur on a month-to-month basis and each session begins on the first day of every month.
○ Registration for new riders can be done by emailing or calling/texting 323-365-2035 . Riders enrolling in subsequent sessions can register with their current Riding Instructor. 
○ All tiny tot lessons will be scheduled on a weekly basis with your instructor.
○ Single riding lessons can be scheduled with your instructor.
● Pricing 
○ Kids 12+ and Adults: Monthly sessions are $240 per session and include four one-hour-long lesson per month or $440 for Eight one-hour long lessons per month.
○ Short Stirrup Kids 7-11 years old: Monthly sessions are $160 per session and include four 45-minute-long lessons per month or $320 for Eight 45-minute-long lessons per month.
○ Payment for each session is due by the 7th day of each month. We gladly accept the following forms of payment: Cash, Check, PayPal and Venmo. 
○ Single hour-long lessons can be scheduled for $65 per lesson or $45 for Short Stirrup riders. 
○ Tiny tot lessons (for ages 6 and under) are $20 per half hour lesson and scheduled on a weekly basis. 

● Makeup Classes and Absences 
○ Students are permitted to cancel one lesson (with 24 hours notice), which may be made up during the session (if spaces are available) 
○ Make-up lessons do not carry over to the next term, with the exception of a proper cancellation within the last week of classes, at which point the student will have thirty days to reschedule. It is the student’s responsibility to arrange any makeup lessons carried over into the subsequent session. 

● Holidays/Stable Closures 
○ Should a rider’s normally scheduled lesson time fall upon a Holiday or Stable closure due to a competition, that rider will be given the opportunity to reschedule that lesson at any time during the current session, availability pending. If there is no time that the rider can makeup that class during the current session, the rider will be given a credit for a lesson in the subsequent session.

● Lessons for Minors
○ Riding horses is a dangerous activity and guardians are asked to remain on the premises during any lesson involving a minor. Any guardian that chooses to leave the premises during a lesson for a minor should be prepared to sign-out. 
Rider Programs
All great things start with a strong foundation! Lessons are open to ages 4+ and are great for the beginner seeking a fun experience all the way to advanced riders looking to sharpen their skills and prepare for competition. This is a great option for folks who want to have fun, reduce stress and/or feel comfortable riding down the trail.

A fun, educational way for students to be introduced to competitive riding. Clinics are a great way to build community, receive constructive feedback by a respected member of the industry, and showcase skills to the family members that support our riders. Open to all students that display competency at walk-trot. Ask your instructor for more information!

Academy Team 
The next level in competitive riding. Riders are competing against other stables at off-site events on trusted lesson horses. This is a great way for students to elevate their riding by experiencing the talents of other riders, travelling to new facilities, and working extra hard to be competitive. Speak with your instructor if you are interested in joining the Academy Team.

Riders who have been taking lessons or been part of the Academy Team for one or more years may be ready for ownership or leasing. Ownership is the greatest level of commitment for a rider, however the rewards are also higher as the rider works with their own horse to build a partnership and potentially show at regional and national level competitions.
Kids 12 & up/ Adults:
$65 per lesson
$240 4 lessons per month
$440 8 lessons per month

You should plan on being at the ranch for an hour for your lesson. Basic horsemanship, grooming, leading, tacking and untacking your horse are will be covered and riding time will last for about 30 minutes. Beginning riders start in private lessons and progress to riding in groups as their skills increase.

We also offer a more in-depth Horsemanship program for those interested in broadening their equine knowledge.

Short Stirrup
Kids 7 - 11
$160 for 4 lessons per month
$320 for 8 lessons per month. 
Short stirrup lessons are 45 minutes long and students will learn barn and horse safely, how to groom and tack their horse, and work with their horse on the ground in addition to their riding time. Riders work on building balance and strength, first on a lunge line and progressing to rail work. Lessons start individually and progress to riding with a small group.

Tiny Tots 
Kids 6 and Under:
Learn to ride for $20 per lesson. A 30 minute lesson that includes learning about grooming, tack, and riding. We focus on developing balance, basic aids, good posture, building strength and confidence through fun games. All lessons are individual and a parent needs to stay to help ensure the safest possible experience.

Our goal with small children is to foster their love of horses through positive reinforcement and interactions with our lesson horses. We never want to move too fast, be too rigid or put little ones in situations that will frighten them. Our commitment to the children we teach is that we will move at each child’s individual pace with a focus on their safety and only move onto new skills when they are thoroughly comfortable with their last skill. Weather conditions and other factors from week to week can affect a child’s ability to focus and enjoy their time with horses so we have found the best way to proceed is to book Tiny Tot lessons on a week to week basis. With a little love, patience and continuity our tiny tots grow into confident riders and resilient kids.

Academy Program Expectations 

For Riders

● Proper attire for riding lessons includes long pants (breeches or jods), paddock boots or boots with a heel, and a form fitting top. Please, no loose or baggy clothing, be prepared to wear layers during colder weather and bring drinking water during hot weather.

● Riders are encouraged to acquire their own helmet and riding crop; however, these items are available to borrow for first-timers and beginners just starting. 

● Always treat Rushton Stables and Courtship Ranch staff and borders, horses, facility and equipment with kindness and respect. 

● Listen to the instructions given by your instructor and staff at all times. Horses are large animals and the safety of all people and animals in the facility depends on riders listening to instructions carefully. 

● Accept the decisions and recommendations of instructors as fair and in the best interest of your riding and development. 

For Parents 

● Parents are asked to be engaged in their child’s interest in horses. We kindly ask that parents remain present during riding lessons, ask questions of the instructor as they arise, and maintain an open line of communication regarding the goals and interests of the rider. 

● Please respect signage posted at the ranch in order to maintain order and safety during lessons for all people and animals within the facility. 

● Parents and family members are kindly asked to remain observers in all aspects of the lesson. Do not instruct, criticize or coach your child. Leave the job of coaching to the instructors. 

● Parents and family members are kindly asked to refrain from petting and feeding treats to horses on the ranch. These are privately owned animals each with their own training and feeding program, we ask that you respect their owner’s wishes.